Serve water on a glass

Is this possible in the engine? suppose i have a good glass, a bottle and some way to model the water. What i need it’s a strategy for serving the water. What i thought is that when i put the bottle near the glass it rotates 90 degrees and the water drops to the glass. Suppose i could do all this but what i need is another design, another strategy for serving water, suppose i have solved all the modelling problems and what i need now is a way to desing the scripts, what strategy would you use??
I don’t want the user to use another key to rotate objects, i need to use as least keys as possible. In this strategy i use no keys, i just drag the bottle for example using the right bottom of the mouse, and the bottle rotates by itself. What do you think about this? and what other/s strategies could i use? Thanks

This might be a little complex to do with the pouring and dragging especially since the engine doesn’t have a system of dynamic liquid. Your best bet is to start learning python or hope someone who knows python comes along.

%| Wow, that’s pretty hard to do. As Kansas_15 pointed out there is no realtime water in the Blender game engine. Hmm, let me suggest another way then. It’s probably more of a trick.

Ok, the bottle will have a another mesh inside of it (a mesh for water). You can IPO it so that the water mesh slowly decreases in height within the bottle (This is probably the hardes part in the beginning because the bottle is tilted so the water mesh inside will be tilted in some way. Get a bottle and start pouring out water and see how it flows inside the bottle, then model and keyframe the way the water should flow in the bottle.). The glass should also have a water mesh that can increase in height in the glass. The final thing you have to have is something modeled to look like water coming down. You can probably get away with having a plane or 3d mesh mapped with animated textures.

When the bottle is near the glass have it rotate 90 degrees so that the tip of the bottle is over the glass. Maybe on the tip of the bottle, have an empty that will add the water coming down. Then from there, it’s just a matter of tweaking how fast the IPO of the rising water in the glass should go and how fast the water in the bottle comes out.

Hmm, to add more realism you can add a rippling effect for when the falling water mesh touches the water mesh of the glass. You’ll be adding rings of different size at different time intervals to simulate the ripples.

Well, all this is talk and it can probably be done this way. All I’m saying is this can be possible without a complex python script. Even with a python script, I’m not sure if it could even done without pulling off a couple of tricks (no realtime water for instance). :smiley: Well of course, you’ll have to have decent knowledge of the game engine in order to pull off what I just rambled on up there.

Jason Lin

I don’t think ANYTHING has a dynamic liquid system. At least I’ve never seen one.

I know for a fact that the engine that has the closest to dynamic liquid is the Torque engine from garagegames. But still not fully dynamic as it’s still requires too much computation for practical use in realtime games.

:wink: Lol, I know of one. Black and White 2, their epic miracle volcanoe. The Lava is dynamic fluid and it is calculated in realtime. The games not out yet and the game engine probably will never be released for public use.

Jason Lin

OOH! One more thing to look forward to! I haven’t heard much from BW2, but I haven’t err… TRIED TO FIND STUFF RELATED TO IT. I wonder why…

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So it’s already possible, but unfortunately you may not find it in good low cost engines anytime soon :-?