Server console

So since there is no way of running UPBGE in “headless” mode as far as I know, can I somehow make a separate python app to act as a server, with physics simulation, armature deformations and all?

Basically a python console app that uses everything UPBGE, except rendering, while outputting to the console.

Does something like this already exist?

Okay just to document my findings (late post ik, but I tried to solo it):

There is bge.logic.setRender(False) that… does what it says. But it still creates a window.
On another note, exporting the game and starting it creates 2 windows. A console and a game window.
So now I have 2 problems.

How to get the blenderplayer to:

  • only show the game window (for clients).
  • only show the console window (for the server).

I also found this, but more specifically this comment.

Talks about a WITH_HEADLESS “macro”? (also a WITH_AUDASPACE one)
I might just be dumb, but how do I use it? And where?

Any input on this is appreciated.