(acasto) #1

This is the second blender pic (first was a coffee cup) that I made. The bad thing is, is that after I spent 28 hours making it, I accedentally deleted all my textures. So all I have now is a hudge model with a bunch of grey boxes.

Hi Res (300k)

Let me know what ya think, and if someone want’s the model, if I can shrink it I might be able to send it via email.

(SKPjason) #2

Very good job…

I was quite amazed at the level of detail you gave us…

I used to be an engineer in a TV studio… and so rack systems are very near and dear to my heart… :wink: (you spend days, weeks, months going through tens of thousands of wires…)

I miss patch bays…

In any case… WOW!!! Impressive work… I hope we’ll see more of your work in the future…

(stephen2002) #3

that looks real from the low-res render that you gave us. I would really like to see some higher resolution work, but since your textures went away, I guess that won’t be happening.

My only recomendation is that the floor is too clean. It is also the same color as the walls. Breaking up the floor with some sort of tile texture and makeing the walls more interesting would be good.

Also, since when are server rooms that well lit :smiley:

(acasto) #4

I have some 300k renders, I saved. Here it is @ 1280x1024 (that big enough :slight_smile:

(LohnS) #5

SWEET, when i saw it in the e-mail i thought it was a photo for sure, and on the website it look very very realistic. Great Work =D

(S68) #6


so bad you los all textures :frowning: