servers, network, rendering, etc.

Since I started making an animted short (you might see it around Christmas time), I’ve become interested in distributed rendering, although I don’t understand it. And I want to know if it is possible to set-up one, and if so, will it take a powerful computer, and could someone direct me to a guide/tutorial?

And also, if there is going to be a home rendering network, what would it take to make a home server? My family is willing to give me one of our old P4 computers for this purpose. I would mainly be sharing audio files (I work on soundboards), pictures, old games (works on 32-bit graphic cards), and blend files of course. All our computers have network cards.

I’m rather clueless when it comes to networks, file sharing, and all that. But I know Pentium 4 computers, all our relatives think that we’re the trash dump for P4’s. :smiley: We in turn, give most of the Pentium 4’s to a local charity that needs it more than we.

So here is the computer list:

  1. Windows Vista Home 64-bit laptop with Wubi 9.0.4 (my computer) (my computer will be upgraded to Windows 7 when it comes out)
  2. Windows Vista Home 64-bit desktop
  3. Windows XP Pro 32-bit with Linux Mint 7 desktop (the possible server) (it can become Linux only if needed.)
  4. Windows XP Pro 32-bit desktop.
  5. Windows XP Home 32-bit desktop.

So… Is it possible? And did I leave out any information?

If all you’re after is a filesharing server for a home network and don’t mind the ‘it can become Linux only if needed’ all you need is a lightweight server distro with ssh (for headless maintenance) and samba running to serve up the files as a windows share (or whatever that’s called).

Or, just turn on network share on the server box under xp and call it a day.

So… Which lightweight server distro are you talking about? The computer has two 80Gb ide hard drives, cd/dvd-rw drive, floppy drive, 2.66ghz Pentium 4 cpu, 512mb ram, 8 usb ports, and a 96mb integrated graphics. Yeah, basically I’m after a file-sharing home server.

I suppose I confused that with my original question, how would I set up a render network?