Servey: Who's still here from the old forums?

I’m just wondering who all’s still with us from the old forums.
I know for sure you guys are:



valar king



theeth (admin)

S68 (admin)

Kib_Tph ( creator)

Goofster (admin)



Who else??

do you mean forums? the old NaN ?

yes I was there too, but under stonzy :wink: and yes, I was there before S68 :stuck_out_tongue:

/me ducks… :Z

Yeah, Stefano isn’t that much of an old fart like others are.

You also forgot Eric, aka MmetalicaA in the forums (IIRC).


I was already in the forums last century, when Geno (Iceman) was THE Blender guru (see IceMan), before B- and C-Keys existed

theeth: :stuck_out_tongue:

UglyMike: IcemAn is still the guru!

Eric / MmetalicaA, ztonzy / stonzy, yeah!

And I just remembered some others but I’m gonna see if they chime in first.

Don’t forget about me! :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I was around with a different nick, and maybe only posted a few times. I signed up on elysiun when the old forums were still around.

Hey Eric, I’m surprised anyone still had that photo (unless it is still in Iceman’s working directory). Sometimes I miss the old Blender forums.

I was there, under the name funkychild. I didn’t post much back then, but still managed to get in the community journal twice :slight_smile:

Oh, the soap opera moments, with harlequin, macke, etc. Those were the days.

Indeed they were. Though we had some rerun of those soaps with harlequin here from time to time…


I am still here. I think the version I started out on was 1.8


I was on the old forum, before it was on even (it was hosted on bowtie internet services or something like that.).

I also was around when nitehawk opened the first blender irc channel.

So pretty much from ‘the beginning’

I don’t really recognize many faces from that time honestly.

I’ve been around since the days of before the c-key.


Yeah there were some classic flame wars on that forum, and if someone stepped in and dissed Blender, forget it! It was on! :< :stuck_out_tongue:

But the love was there too.

only browsed it… as I was pretty newbie to blender.

I was there, i miss the .nl site. Bart kept a nice site
and the forums back then seemed more friendly (nothing against elysuin :wink: )


I was there.

Yeah, I’ve been around since the C-key, and the old-old site. I grewe up on IceMan’s tutorials…
Remember the Blender logo with the golden-coloured metaballs?
The forums were great, all the flames, Macke, harlequin, valarking. I didn’t post much though (nicks: Zsolt or ZedMan).