Service Tunnel

This project has been laying around in my stack of ideas and today I decided to make it come real. The initial idea derives from a concept sketch of a service tunnel I made earlier this summer. The basic shape is in place but there are alot of high lvl details that needs to be added.



This is the head for the service machine/cyborg that will be on the tracks…

I guess it needs some fixes.


Wow nice modeling… Keep up the good work…

Started working on the rail pod that will be under maintenance. The purple halo still needs alot of work and I harldy need to mention the walls.

ps. I had to lower the quality of the jpg to be able to upload it. I will post a high-res one when I have done some more details.


I am really looking forward what this will grow into - looks great!

A little thingy I thought - the wavy layout of the black hose on the right side does not really fit the clean design of the rest, plus it kind of gives away the parts of the tunnel were pasted after each other - I would make that one straight as well maybe…

really really neat scene - love it already!

First of all looks great! Keep it up.
Some nit picky stuff:
The cut outs in the wall seem to have no purpose except to make the pic look more interesting but this being a service tunnel I would expect them to have a reason for their existence. so maybe add some inlets or stuff to them to make clear why they are there.

Thanks. Yes. I am not finished with that part yet and will add more tubes and wires… I might change the wavy look or atleast make it look more natural.

As I explained above I haven’t done much details on the wall yet. So yes, I will add some layers of electronics and ventilation shafts that will be integrated into them. Nothing is final though.

Well, long time no see…

I have been way to busy lately so I haven’t been able to blend for a while. But here is an update.


Another update, I have changed the light setup and some textures.

I am also reconsidering the posibility of capturing a motion blur when the pod is moving through the service tunnel and leaves a trail behind.

For a full resolution image, click here:

(if the image doesn’t show my server is down)

Great improvement. Love the lighting. Could you give a wireframe cause I would love to know what is textured and what is modeled!

Ait. Here are two wire screen and one solid screen. I will probably do some cleanup at the end of this project so it is a bit inefficient right now.


The black part in the nose of the ehhrrr, vehicle… :stuck_out_tongue: is a bit off (not straight), or was this meant to be?

very nice detail so far.

errr … sth is bothering me … i only see objects self shadowing, but not casting any shadows … could that be? (especially that pole/mast on the left)

keep it up

Ok. Latest update with shadows. My next step will be to populate the scene with ambiance stuff.

Allright… I updated so long ago that I allmost lost my topic :stuck_out_tongue:

This time it is allmost finished. I have some minor errors that needs to be fixed… i.e. some coords, details in window, black trims, bump-map on some floor parts, and so on…

Ofcourse I need to make a background aswell as the “sky” outside the window.

After that I will do my final render with “more than enough” OSA and levels on my area lights.

If you have any last ideas now is the time to open your mouth! :slight_smile:

Without Vector Blur:

With Vector Blur:

looks really good! it think you over did the motion blur, however, and the composition could be helped if you moved the ‘train’ thing up the line.

Thank you for comenting. Yes, the composition is slightly off and I will try your idea.

I think I will spend some more time on optimization too. Got rid of 30.000 tris yesterday when I did some modeling cleanup, and replaced geometry with textures.

I wouldn’t replace too much geometry with textures. Extra geometry can look nice if you’re not animating. Anyway, I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this before. It looks really nice so far. Also, you probably won’t need many more samples on your area lights, they’re looking pretty good, too.

Very cool scene! Personally I think the image would be stronger if you were panning the train - i.e. the camera is following the train, so it’s in focus, but the background is blurred. Of course that may not sound like fun to if you’ve spent the last few weeks modelling all the tunnel, but hey :wink:

Another render here and now I just miss the outside part:

High res: