Service Tunnel

Ait, here is my final render on my latest project, Service Tunnel. I am not entierly satisfied but I have to move on since I have a contest coming along.

Everything is modeled on blender and rendered in the internal render engine. I used a simple node setup for the motion blur, thats about it. Everything else is just texturing and modeling.


High-res version:

Really improved from the very first edition of this image in the WIP forum.

Good job on the wires.

I like it, it looks crisp and I like the motion blur that you included. I would however say that I think it would look better with a bit of dirt or grime or oil in places, heck even some rust. If it is a station then it should be used by a fair amount of people, and thus would have a bit o grime. Other then that, I think its a great piece, and kudos again on the motion blur!


Thanks man… thats what the w.i.p is for, right? :slight_smile:

I wish I could say I don’t agree with you, but I do. I don’t have time to include dirt and grime for now but maybe I will do one day. Though I usually forget things in the closet :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work :wink:

I really like the lighting on this one :slight_smile:

There are some minor issues though. The shadow under the vehicle should have motion blur, because it makes the scene a bit inconsistent and, as said earlier, materials are a bit too clean. Maybe u might add some steam comming from the pipes under the rails?


  • Kroni

Really nice in general. I especially like the mood/lighting.
Could we see the lighting setup?:eyebrowlift2:

The others have mentioned the things that need improvement. So I don’t have anything else to add, other than really nice work.


Modeling-wise, great job! However, I don’t like the motion blur. It looks like only the front of the car is blurred, while the back of it is crisp and sharp. It just seems inconsistent.

Really a good job! :yes:

Nice modeling, I would also agree with the others …needs more grunge. Nice touch with the motion blur thing.

I really like the image. I could have swore i had left a comment in your WIP thread, but it’s not in there… odd.
It’s an awesome piece, but i don’t get the blur. How much of it is moving? It looks like the front part (the half of the object closest to us) is moving, but the rear half isn’t. For me, it just adds confusion to what that thing is and what it’s doing. But i like the image, it looks very nice and i remember the drawing you posted that it’s based on, and the similarities and differences are interesting. Just the blur thing confuses me.

Clarification about the motion blur:

The back is the moving part and the front is the one that appears to be standing still and the pod is moving away from us. If you have a shutter speed (in the camera) that is faster than the speed of the moving object it will not be blured. Things furter away from the camera will thus move slower in relation to things closer to the camera.

So I have a setup where the shutter is faster than the front of the moving pod but slower than it’s back. Thus the front appear cripsy clear but the back is blured.

Maybe it isn’t too common in real life, but I thought it looked cool anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies.

Really nice work!

Nice Molding and real looking Lighting with shadow.

nice, I really like this.

would love to see some subtle material variations, dof or some desaturation of the far distance as it would add extra realism.

i love scifi
the blur looks good to me

I absolutely love this kind of works and this is really well executed.

I agree with those not entirely convinced by the motion blur.

About the subject, I would expect the vehicle to be larger in proportion, the tunnel feels a bit “empty”. But hey, it’s a great work and I really like it!

Yup, the others already mentioned the little flaws a dozen times so no need to mention them anymore…

So, all I have to say that it is quite a cool concept! I like all the details you’ve added (I just love mechanical stuff) and the lighting is very good and realistic, too! Good job on the vehicle as well, it really looks fast. Hope to see more like that in the future!

5 stars

Textures dont look so good on the larger render, its a bit too clean, but aside from that, this is an excellent picture, welldone.