servo control fault?

well I’m making tests with fps style gameplay ;

I have a cube with a camera on the top and I have all the blahblah stuff with the camera, and everything’s ok
I’ve put force to control my cube but it accelerate infinitely and I don’t want that
I’ve put servo control to limit the speed of the cube and here’s my problems :

  1. for example, when I press W it goes forward at a good speed, when I press D it goes right with good speed too BUT when I press W and D it goes in the good direction at a very very slow rate (almost 10 times slower) for 2-3 seconds and then it stops… I’ve searched the forum but it seems I’m not searching the good thing… How could I make my cube to move correctly in diagonal?

  2. I’ve put slopes in my scene, when I climb them it’s ok but when I try to go down on them, my cube floats in the air for all the time I let the W key pressed and then it drops on the ground, like if gravity was deactivated during the time I press W… How could I fix this? :confused:

(sorry for my bad english :D)

Select all 3 axis in your servo control actuator, not just the one that you’re using (if you are using just X, still push the buttons in on Y and Z)

You can still have 0 in the velocity/force limits under the unused axis. However, when they’re not selected Servo thinks that you only want the object to move along that axis.