Servo jump isn't working with directions :(

I need to make a simple game within the next few days. However, the character’s jump isn’t working properly! I got it to move with servo motion as close to Mario (the Mario from from Super Mario Bros.) as possible (because I like it that way :P) but the jump is acting weird. I can jump properly only when I’m standing still. When I move around, the character either falls down really slowly, or if I hold down the space bar it will do continuous small jumps. How do I fix it?

I would also like to note that this is the first time use Servo Control :o

I suggest using simple motion for jumping, or character motion. Also set the keyboard (space) to tap.
Using simple motion while jumping means you will still fall even if you are constantly pressing it.

I tried all of the motion types. Still same problem :c
I will upload the blend file for (hopefully) better understanding :slight_smile:

are the states really necessary? expressions in this case aren’t exactly necessary either, i’ve changed it to something I would use: Player_Box.blend (571 KB)

hope this helps :smiley:

thanks for that. However, it’s still having the same problem! D’X

I’d try adding a motion actuator for a negative Z of about 7 or whatever gravity you want. Connected to an Always Sensor set to true. That should do it!

try this blendfile, hope it helps you


Player_Box improve.blend (585 KB)

are you talking about a jump timer?

keypress space-------------and---------------time=30
time=0----------------------/_---------------motion Linv Local Accel Z+12
ray-z map------------------/

if time min 2 max 30------and----------------add - to time

ray -z map------and-------------time=0
regular jump

advanced :smiley:


JumpLogic.blend (434 KB)

Check the z axis max force in the servo motion actuators are enabled and set to zero.