servo on wheels

Im trying out servo motion for the first time and need to know how i would get it to work on a wheel,
how would i use it to drive the wheel forward/back, turn left/right while on the move.

help out help out

please help out

If you are trying to make a car ry the Car wrapper, it will make loads of things easier.
If you don’t want it you can still use the rigid body constrains to get together the wheel to an object and make it work. The setup is more annoying tough.

Please don’t do multiple posts like that. It’s obvious you’ve never heard of the term “patience”, as you literally waited 12 minutes before deciding it was necessary to ask for help again. Bravo.

Servo control currently does NOT have a rotation aspect for it, and it really isn’t meant to. It’s mainly designed to be a replacement for DLoc movement; providing smoother movements that can be more easily assessed by the physics engine. DLoc had the nasty habit of going through walls.

Servo control is extremely useful for movement though. I’ll try and run through what each field does, but I don’t have 100% knowledge on them.

the linV field above each axis represents the desired velocity. Servo control will apply enough force to get you to this speed. Think of this kind of as a “limit” to your velocity… this is the fastest your object will go. As with the normal motion actuator, the L button refers to local vs global movement. If it’s checked, movements will be based off your object’s axis rather than the global axis. Mess with this and you’ll know what I mean.

You have to select an axis for servo to work on. However, I’ve found that unless all 3 are checked you’ll run into trouble when you try and have multiple servo actuators working at once. You only have to enter in info for the axis you’re using, but the others should be checked to get a good “flow” of movement.

Max and Min values are basically the maximum and minimum force the gameengine can apply to your object to get it up to the desired speed (linV). Max is basically how fast your object will get to the speed you want. Min is the minimum force that the actuator can apply while it’s active. Forces in between Max and Min are applied once the object has reached its specified LinV to maintain that speed. Putting Max and Min at the same values will actually cause the servo control to mimic the force actuator.

That’s all the info you really need to know for servo control. The P, I, and D values aren’t really important, and I honestly don’t really know what their effects are that much. I’d reccomend not messing with them.

Hope that helps, and try and think before you post next time, or use the search feature.

thank you for that advice, i’ll wait 13 minutes next time instead, …

thanks for the advice, i’ll wait 13 minutes next time…

doesn’t vbulletin have multi-post-auto-merging?

how would i use servos to create more realistic driving movements. such as slowly braking or building speed.

Make your Max value lower. The lower Max is, the less force the servo control can use to get to the speed, thus the less acceleration. But for car movements, servo really isn’t what you want to use. Search for the vehicle wrapper on the forums and you’ll find a better system.

here is the car wrapper: .you have to fix the physics constraints in his demo. make the wheels cylenders, and the body into a convex hull polytrope .

Thanks alot apreciated