set a group of points to x=0?

Is it possible to select of group of points, choose an axis, and set all of their values to the same number? If I try to use the numeric panel, it places the cursor in their average position and puts that at zero. I want all of them to line up so that I can add the mirror modifier.

Yes, it is. Please use the forum search function whenever possible. I think that you may be be on the right track, yet what you want to do is to change your pivot point to 3D cursor, put it where you wish, and then with your vertices selected, hit Skey (scale), axis, then numpad zero. Just off the top of my head at the moment, no blender available at the moment, it is just too busy. Hope this helps rather than confuses…

Thanks for your help. I did use search but really had no idea what phrase I should use for the search. I tried your directions without any luck. My understanding is that the pivot point in Blender is the object’s origin. If I take the default cube with the origin and the 3D cursor at 0,0,0; go into edit mode; select the 4 points on the left side of the cube; and then Scale X 0; the points don’t move.

Okay, I get it. In the header, I found the tool where I have options for the pivot point. Once I set the pivot point to the 3D cursor, everything worked fine. Thanks.