Set a maximum of light on mesh?


I’m pretty new to blender and particulary Cycles. I would like to know is there is a possibility of setting a maximum of lighting a mesh can be affected by ?

I have this mesh and a setup of 1 light. I would like to create more shadows on the different folds but if I do that, some parts (the top of the cloth) will be surexpose to the light and the texture would burn and be totally white on this part. So my idea to avoid that would like to say “Hey, I want my mesh to receive a maximum of only a certain amount of light”

Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. I could provide others details if you need.

Thank you

Not reallyreally. For now, my suggestion is to use filmic which allows broader dynamic range, as well as moving your light source further away and strengthening it to compensate for the increased distance. This will even out the falloff.

Thank you for your tips :slight_smile: