set a minimum number of bones to the vertices?

I’d like to know is there a way to set a minimum number of bones to the vertices? Supposed there are three bones in the scene, and I want the vertices to have at least have two bones attached to them.

Vertices are not attached to bones.

You can assign any number of vertex groups to a vertex.
When animating, the vertex will be deformed according to all vertex groups whose name matches a channel of an action. With armature animations the name of a channel of an action must match the name of a bone to be animated.

Armature with Bone “Bone.001”
Action with Channel “Bone.001”
Mesh with Vertex with Vertex Group “Bone.001” and weight > 0.0
(“Bone.001” is a bad name - find a better one)

The minimum number of vertex groups is zero.
If you want to animate with bones: at least one (otherwise it animates with the object channels only)

assign two vertex groups