set a path to work when requested?

I animated a characters legs to make it look like he is walking in place. I planned to use a path to move him throughout an entire environment. When I set the characters parent to follow path the character follows the path from frames 1-100. This interferes with other scenes I have in the same animation( .blend file) I wanted to have the character start to follow the path from frames 347 - 500. Going to the properties tab on the path, I could not find an option that lets me edit when the character starts to follow the path. I could only find an option that lets me edit how long the path goes on for. Any ideas?

there is 2 things you have to look at…

in the object panel, there is motion path and some parameters you can change.

or you can use the offset (check first fixed position) in the path constraint and keyframe the offset. Personally I prefer the second option, I have problems working with the motion path parameters.