Set a whole rig to move in twos

So - in the graph editor you can add stepped interpilation modifier to a curve to make it animate in twos - ie if the file is at 24fps, it will move at 12 fps. …

… but …
You have to add the mod - not even to each bone, but to each axis of each bone for location and rotation and maybe even scale.

Is there a way to add such a mod to all selected bones / objects?

I have never used it but let me ask …why not just remap the FPS…
By setting the remap to 50 it will double the speed of the animation but you might have to extend or copy the frames to the end to get the whole cycle…if you set it to 200 it plays 1/2 the speed, etc.

The thing is… I want to impersonate traditional animation. Often the camera will be moving on 1s (24fps) while the charactor animation is on 2s (12fps)

Havent tried but it should be possible to use a modifier in the NLA editor.
Simply select your armature go to
Dope Sheet → Action Editor → Push down

then go to the
NLA Editor → select the resulting NLA Track → Modifiers → Stepped Interpolation

Hi @yogyog , you can simply render with a step of two and merge in comp. This will save you half render time at the cost of a little comp addendum. Otherwise automate adding the f-curve modifier. I had a macro like that a couple years ago, it’s very simple (but I lost it along with a bunch of files), maybe something to try. You just have to loop over selected bones (or all controllers in the armature filtered by group or visibility) and nest a loop where you round up every f-curve’s step modifier and toggle it on/off. Even make yourself a custom button in the sidebar… sorry this I don’t know how to do off the top of my head, addon authors are more familiar with it

Ading the mod in the action editor… that could work well!

That’s too clever, completely forgot it’s possible to do that. The NLA wields some power after all !!

The NLA editor is fantastic. I disregarded it for a long time because i didn’t really know how to use it but after watching the following guy I understood how much work you can save with this thing. Esspecially for cyclic stuff. And since quite some of my income comes from animations of industrial assembly lines this helps quite a lot.

How do you do that?

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