set animation(group) start in scene

Hi all,
I recently asked a question about importing an anim into a scene and got the answer (group).
This is great as I can manipulate the anim as an object as I like.
My prob now is that I want the imported anim to start at frame 200 not at 0, The main animation starts at 0. As with the import group thingy ,I don’t want to have to edit 20 different ipos.
Is there a better way to achieve this?


You might try parenting the group to an empty and setting a time ipo for the empty so that it freezes until frame 200. Not sure if that will work but it’s worth a shot.

I worked it out using time offset. Although I had to enter for all the segments
then I set start to 200 and finish at 450

You use an NLA Strip starting at frame 200. Or you can drag all the Keys in the Action to the right which is not so elegant.