Set blender for a4 print

hello, i have an project i want to a4 print the project how can i set the camera to every meter of the object there will shown one cm in the camera
thanks for your time

you want print page to be with a certain scale like 1/4" / Ft or else?

\not easy to do with blender but possible

now this would also limit the min width of things on dwg

have to find the link for that script
can set all dwg size with it

also are you in 2.79 or 2.9 ?
did not check it after 2.9.0

happy bl

if you want to understand how to view read this site

Mechanical dwg – printer
precision modelling by rab3d

it gives a very good idea how to print at a specific scale

i have a file in 2.79 using another addon to set up dwg size

there is also Pcad included with blender
find the site it is possible that this was already included in this addon

happy bl