Set bpy.context.screen.area[x].width/height ?


I am attempting to save screen realestate and would like to use a hotkey to bring down INFO panel(/console/text editor) and/or Outliner that would be minimized otherwise. This is similar to game consoles where you press ~ to bring them down or Maya where outliner can be elegantly toggled. In principle bpy.context.screen.area[x].width/height are of interest but as these are read only, I am wondering what is the best solution for the problem.

Thank you!

It’s not supported to arrange editors with Python. Toolbars can be toggled by calling the correct operator, but IIRC you can’t query the current state. And moving areas doesn’t seem to work at all. Collapsing areas is pretty buggy. You can set the Area type however, because it is exposed as RNA property.

Thank you for explaining! A solution might be to set/toggle bpy.context.window.screen=X or Y. This would emulate such toggling behavior of desired areas but has a few downsides. I will investigate further.

Thanks again!