Set Camera Parameters to Window Size

How do I set the outer camera parameter to the size of my screen? This is so that all of the MGP team can work on the same scale…



Well, if you click on the camera in the 3d viewport, and then in the object menu click on transform properties you can scale the outer demension to anysize you want.

You can also select it and press s to scale it just like any object. Hope that helps?

I was just playing with it and do not understand it at all? I scaled it up by 5, but couldnt see anything in the camera in the GE… so I guess it isnt that simple. Sorry.

Okay, well thanks anyway.


A couple things you can do is to set the clipping start/end across the project.

If you are trying to size objects, I would suggest just having an elongated object and pass a copy around.

Use it for the size of humanoids, or the size whatever you want to compare it to. In our game, most objects are just being resized to fit the project as we add them in.

You could use the scale graft too and specify size based on squares. The easiest is probably just a dummy object to compare to.