Set colors on sphere randomly

Hello, i got a sphere in blender and want to paint it in some colors. I thought ill take 8 green and 2 brown colors. The sphere got divided into many little polygons. Is there a possible way to let the programm paint the sphere with all the colors at random position?

I got a example for you:

This is what it should look like after painting it randomly. The brown and green colors should be placed randomly over the sphere.

If anyone knows how to do, pls let me know!


You could do it like this …

This works because each face has the same normal value across the entire face
So the normal is then randomised and used to pick a colour from a colour ramp

Hope this helps



That’s a nice solution, Martin. The only thing lacking here is that you end up with triangles instead of quads. I’ve been fiddling around but not sure how to work around that in a procedural way…

^^^Wouldn’t it assign colors to quads if you UV unwrap the object with the “Reset” method.

Edit: Never mind, that would only work for planar quads.