Set cyclic extrapolation on a large amount of objects

How can I do this? Thanks.

I don’t know of a way.


The only way I can think of is if they all share the same IPO.

I’m sure a script could do this - if such a script existed.

(Note: for multiple bones in one armature, you just select all the bones from the bone channels in the Action editor. Note that for bones to show here, they must be keyed at least one first.)

I just wrote this little script sets cyclic extrapolation to all objects, that have IPO channels.

import Blender

for object in Blender.Object.Get():
        if object.getIpo():
                for ipo in object.getIpo():

Beat me to it, I was going crazy over syntax :mad:

I had used a different method that got all ipo’s instead of objects, but that didn’t allow discrimination.

I added to Ondrew’s since his was better than mine(thanks Ondrew, hope you don’t mind) I changed it a little so it will change the IPO’s of only selected objects:

import Blender
for object in Blender.Object.GetSelected():
 if object.getIpo():
  for ipo in object.getIpo():

p.s. keep in mind that it will change the extrapolation of ALL IPO curves to the selected objects.

No, I surely don’t. :slight_smile: This was my first script in python, so I just kind of browsed thru the API and didn’t see the GetSelected method.

Not to turn this into a python tutorial (but I am so impressed by how simple that script looks I’m almost tempted to delve into Python after all). What would the “print” instruction have done? Does it just output to the text window or the console/terminal or what?

That was just a debugging line, I forgot to delete. :smiley:

The print command prints the value in the window that first comes up when you start Blender, the one that says it’s looking for python, etc.

Ondrew, I missed the function to get IPO from an object LOL.
Found the one to get all IPO’s from all objects, which like I said earlier, did not let me discriminate based on selection.

That script was 3rd or 4th script in python I have written, I am really a noob at it, years ago I have programmed, many years ago, think BASIC and Z-80 Assembly, more recently I have used game engine scripting but I think they were a little more forgiving in the syntax dept.

Python = 1 extra space somewhere and your script no run, and damn I wish it was a little more specific in syntax error reporting.

Not to turn this into a python tutorial :), but the Python Interactive Console and the dir() command are really useful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

… the snake is taking over, everyone RUN!!! LMAO