Set Damage (Bullet)

Hi im building an fps game and want to make evry weapon have a damage example i want to set to my ak 47 bullet 30 Damage When meet a enemy example.
and i want to ask how can i make a bullet Shoots straight and fast example the bullet get a speed with 100 meter in second.Thx

to change the damage you could have each gun or the bullet meshses themselves have a porperty integer variable. Then in your actions panel for your healthbar you can say, if collision with bullet and property = 5 then health -=5 or something like that

So you mean when i example say to the healthbar when collision with bullet name Ak-47 Bullet Health Goes -50 Ok if you mean that how can i do that

I’m looking for something like this too. How about if its an attack not bullet? like a punch or kick.

Yes And I want to know how to Make A gun Shoot A bullet and the bullet will be shooten straight and it will be so fast so i cant see it also exactly like fps games when you shoot an bullet You Dont See It For Its To Fast . So Example When I shoot The Bullet On An Enemy And The Enemy Is Running And He Is 100 Meter From me The Bullet Will Meet The Enemy I hope you understand Me …

well i suggest learn how to make and display the health bar first. Then once you get that working I suggest experimenting with properties and valuables.

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