Set Eevee as display and Cycles as the render engine?

Hi, is it possible to set Eevee as the display but use Cycles at the render engine when hitting F12 or when rendering out a scene? I know it may sound like an odd request but I’d like to be able to use Eevee for set up and roughing in a scene but then render out using Cycles with out having to switch back and forth all the time.

Look Dev mode (Material Preview in 2.81) is for that:

Ok, or maybe you were referring while you have “Eevee” selected as Render Engine in Render tab?
That is not possible I guess, “Cycles” has to be selected as Render Engine in Render tab (Properties editor to the right).

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Yes I was thinking of having cycles selected in the render tab. But look dev mode with lights turned on should work for what I want. For some reason I keep thinking of look dev as look development of a single model.