Set exact Size of Object e.g. cube

how can I set the exact size of an object?
I know Key S and Ctrl.
But with that I do not know the exact size of the object (e.g. cube) nor can I set it exactely.

Wrote a script to give me the size, but guess there should be an easier way?!

“”" Registration info for Blender menus:
Name: ‘Object Names’
Blender: 237
Group: ‘Add’
Submenu: ‘All Objects…’ all
Submenu: ‘Selected Objects…’ selected
Tooltip: ‘Show names of all objects’

import Blender

objects = Blender.Object.Get ()
print objects
#print objects.GetSelected()
#print objects.GetSelected().getSize()

for object in objects:
print object.getSize()

Press NKEY in Object Mode.

Thank you, that helped. Strange that I did not find that…

You could also enable “edge lengths”
I find that handy once in a while.