Set image's pixel alpha to zero w/Python

I want to write a script that basically clears the alpha data from an image, similar to if you were to erase the alpha in Image Paint. Any clue on how to do this? tia

Hmm, okay… How about a way to paint with the erase alpha brush using Python?

No, what I need is to be able to make the alpha of an image in the uv/image editor black(transparent) using python. When you make a new image and check the Alpha box, it has a transparent alpha until you add to the image. I want to be able to return it to transparent.

this one

tex.use_alpha = True

image texture on page 422

but not certain how to set the value for this !

there should be another var for alpha value too!

sorry cannot find it with precision and don’t remember seeing any other thread on this !

Not a texture, an actual generated image.

forgot to mention

best bet to find a clear answer would be i thinkon IRC python channel i guess

let us know if you find it