Set Maximum Poly Count?

I am attempting to create a series of models in blender that I want to look equal in quality. When I’m shaping an object the tendency is to make it as nice as possible but I want these models to have a very low poly count. I see there is a decimate tool that I can use after the fact but is there some way I can set a maximum “quality” of the model while I’m making it?

Sure I can set a number in my head and attempt to not exceed it but there must be a better way. I know the answer is out there but I cant find the proper wording for my search.

I think you might be able to do something like that with the Multiresolution modifier, though you won’t see the effects in Edit mode.

There is the decimate modifier, but to be honest the mesh it outputs is not the cleanest…

The most efficient way is just to set the number in your head like you mentioned.