Set new rest pose

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Hi guys
So I am trying to change the rest pose on this model but it throws an error Actions on this armiture will be destroyed by this new rest pose.
Here is the original rest pose
squirrel-anim1.blend (1.16 MB)
I then select attack animation in the action editor
I apply armiture to mesh
then select bones and apply pose which is when the error occurs
Afterwards I reparent mesh to bones with armiture deform and its a mess no matter what reparent method i try
squirrel-anim2.blend (1.16 MB)

Could a kind soul get this to work for me and explain how you managed it please


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You can try it this way.
You have constraints and sometimes that messes it up.

Pose your character how you want the new pose in pose mode.
Go to object mode select your character and then copy the armature modifier. You have two now and your object doubles up and looks like it is messed up, but it is not.
Then Apply the top armature modifier. You armature is now in the new position. But your mesh is still messed up.
Then select your armature and go to pose mode.
Select the pose at the bottom on the menu and apply pose as rest pose. And now your mesh should follow.

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Hi still thx for the quick response
Unfortunately either i cant follow instructions correctly or it did not work.
I selected a attack anim(pose)
in obj selected mesh went into modifier menu and copied the armature(001) it di mesh up the mesh
then applied the top armature not the (001)
then selected armature and ented pose
applied pose as rest which returned the mesh to its original form but then animations are still messed up:(

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Your animations now have a new local rotation and location and scale transforms base. Resetting the rest pose destroys the base position of the transformations and that is why it is telling you the actions will be destroyed. What are you trying to accomplish with a new rest pose anyway? You could just post your character how you want and then set a pose library pose. That way you can recall it anytime you need it. Would that help?

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Well i want to use the anims on this model and apply to a mouse i have. But the mouse is on all fours and i just want to use the crouching anims that are on this model for it.If i can set it in the right pose(attack is on all fours) manipulate the bones a bit to match the rats mesh save that as the rest pose then ctrl p it to the mouse mesh then have access to the anims if that makes sense.

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Latest idea was to pose the squirrel then apply armiture to mesh and export mesh as obj file. Then apply the armiture as rest pose and export that as a bvh file. Thought that would work. A clean mesh and i thought a clean armature. Now the armiture deforms correctly but when i try apply the armiture to the mesh.obj it still warps it for some reason but the armiture keeps its shape which is an improvement bso halfway there i guess

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If your rigs were the same, then you could move one action to another. If they are different, I don’t think it will work.

How about this.
Rig the to character(b) with the same armature that has the actions on the other character(a) if you can.
Set charcter (b) to the rest post by appending the rest pose as an action and make it the new rest pose.
Now they are the same.
Append character(a) actions and strip out what you need and it should work.

How many beers is this going to take?

If you can do that, then you can just append the action to the new armature.

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Not really following what you suggested bit complicated for my poor animation knowledge BUT i figured out a way with no beers harmed at all:D
The key was have a duplicate rig suggestion.
So what i did went into pose applied it then deleted all the other animations and last deleted the pose animation leaving at last a pure rig applied that to the rat and loaded it in unity and voila the animation work.
Thx for the help mate that was frustrating.

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Amd mow trying to repeat the feat and it no longer works smh