Set objects along curve without deform?

Hello. In short, I am trying to make tassets like here and I want them to be of uniform shape and size. I’d have to manually duplicate and line them up otherwise, so I’m hoping to use an array/curve to slap them onto the correct path. However, the long objects are getting deformed the further away from the curve they are.

Is it possible to make a detailed path that aligns perfectly, and have objects that don’t deform cloned onto it? Or is there an even better way to achieve my goals? Thanks.

you need to use a simple face, give it an Array and Curve modifier so that it is duplicated along a curve, then in the Properties panel > Object > Instancing, click on Faces, create your strap object and parent it to your face object, the strap will be duplicated without deformation

you can use an empty to which you parent your object. Then you parent the empty to the curve so that it will follow it without deforming the parented object… The interest of the empty is that it can be animated in addition to following a curve, like rotation, scaling etc…