Set of chisels

Here is a set of chisels I modelled that are accurate to world size. Took a couple of hours to fully model, most of which used booleans to “machine” each part to get as close as I could to the real thing. Rendered in Cycles with about 2000 samples. What do you think?


Looks pretty good :+1:
Only the diagonal grinding texture on the metal looks strange. Shouldn’t it be ground in longitudinal direction?
Funny to see chisels here, because I recently thought about modeling chisels, too, when I searched for a decent set to buy. :wink:

No, technically it should have a radial grind to it since chisels are ground using a circular stone. Here’s an example

Ah, well then it’s ok. Didn’t realize this when using them. :man_shrugging: sorry :blush:

Getting some warm and fuzzy Lee Valley vibes.