Set origin hotkey

Is there a way to take the “Set origin” and keybind it? This was the infamous CTRL+Alt+Shift+C hotkey in 2.7

i cant find it in the users preferences either

It’s it easier to use the current shortcut?

Pressing W with the mesh selected should also bring up the object menu.

oh there it is, hmm some times its just super difficult to break old habits :frowning: Im just now forcing myself to make the jump.

Another thing i struggle with. I used to use W+R for remove double, W+F to flip normals, got any tips for for adapting these?

It is easy. Open the origin menu, assign a shortcut one of the items. Then open the keymap editor and find the shortcut. There is an “x” next to type , click on it to remove that. Now the shortcut brings up the actual menu.

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