set position python script?

hey python wizards…
i need a script where i can easily transport my character from one position to another

message “start” set position to xyz
message “at bar” set postiion to xyz
message “out of jail” set position to xyz

i want a script with like lots of possiblities… maybe like 10 messages and 10 set to positions

can someone do that for me?

Use ipos on the dynamic object to each position. just insert a loc ipo and have the dynamic object go to that frame when it gets the message.

Hope that helps!


i could use ipos… but i dont think its a good idea…
its simplier and “more reliable” to use python

can someone help me out?

send a message of “teleport” with the body of p1 thru p11. If you look at the script there are xyz values under each “if” statement show where it will teleport to. this is a very straitforward script and very easy to expand so it supports more locations

thanks… i forgot to ask for soemthing else too

could you also put in rotation of an object?
like facing in like 8 main directions?

cuz when i want u to transport… u should face a certain direction

maybe u can use degrees? or maybe i can put an empty where the transport should lead and can somehow copy its rotation?
thanks again
ok, for “rot” put a value from 0-360 for the rotation. 0 is pointing up, 90 is right, 180 is down, 270 is left.

wow, thanks… exatly what i needed

hmm, I just might have a need for those. Thanks :smiley: