Set Render Subdivision Level on Multiple objects

Currently constructing a scene for Render and what not, however multiple objects i have within the scene are far too high Render Subdivision levels making me run out of Memory before a Render can complete. From some googling i see that you can batch change the Subdivision Modifier’s Viewport Subdivsion level iwith CTRL+1/2/3 ect Im curious whether their is a similar shortcut for batch changing the Subdivision level of the Render Levels in the Subdivsion Modfier.

And if not is their some code or something i can run to set all Render Subdivisions to match the Viewport Subdivisions.

I understand their is also the Simplify option in the Render Tab that can then force you scene to only got to a certain subdivsion level in Render, however this feature will limit it for the entire scene, and i only want to change it instead for this set of about 50 objects and leave the rest of the stuff in the scene untouched.

If you are using cyles: You may wanna try the features set experimental and adaptive subsampling?

While that could be somewhat of a option, i should clarify that the models and assets don’t need to be at the Render Subdivision level they are at. The Models in question were not my own and as such the previous author with them in their isolated files had left the Render Subdivision higher then needed, As the base models are high poly enough by themselves anything above Subdivision 1 is negligible in terms of quality difference for the Render, and my issue was most of them are instead at Subdivsion 2 or 3 for Render.

The adaptation can be set with Dicing Scale… nevertheless has to be set for every object… another option may be Ctrl-L (Copy Modifiers). With this all selected object get the same modifier and value of the last selected. Sadly they would loose ever modifier not at the last one… (modifier for a group/collection would be nice)