Set rotation matrix

I’m a programmer but completely new to python/blender.

I have a rotation matrix from another program and cannot work out how to set the rotation matrix of the Camera to my matrix, can anyone help?

I have a very basic start

import bpy
import mathutils

newMat = mathutils.Matrix([[x, y, z],[x, y, z],[x, y, z]])

for obj in bpy.context.selected_objects:
obj.matrix_world = newMat

I want to select my Camera then set its rotation, I know the last line is for scale rot and pos, is it even possible to just do rotation?

Is it not possible to use: matrixEuler= newMat.toEuler() and then set the rotation with that? I am told no such method exists though

edit: Oh it’s to_euler()

So all I would need is a way to set an objects rotation to euler, but I cannot find one

edit 2:

I think I have achieved it with

import bpy
import mathutils
import math

newMat = mathutils.Matrix([[1, 0, 0],[0, 1, 0],[0, 0, 1]])
matrixEuler= newMat.to_euler()

scene =[“Scene”] = ‘XYZ’[0] = matrixEuler[0](math.pi/180.0)[1] = matrixEuler[1]
(math.pi/180.0)[2] = matrixEuler[2]*(math.pi/180.0)

If anyone would confirm this is doing what I want that would be awesome though :slight_smile:

You can set .matrix_world of objects directly, but if you got a 3x3 rotation matrix only, you might need some matrix math to make it the 4x4 transformation matrix you want.