Set same distance between all UV vertices in UV/Image Editor

As in the topic: I want to set same distance between all UV vertices.

I’m not sure a question can be any more vague. The same distance between each vertex of the same UV face or between different UV faces or both or islands with multiple faces or something else ? Which is it ?
Show us something that makes it 100% clear what you have and 100% clear what you want to achieve.

You may know in your head what you mean but it’s your job to transfer that knowledge to everyone else reading this thread

There is what I want:

Actually from the picture not only these vertices, but all.

Before unwrapping a good measure is to always SELECT OBJECT in OBJECT MODE > CTRL A > APPLY SCALE
That will even out your uv once you’re happy with the model shape. Now unwrap again.

maybe this can help…

N-gons don’t seem to unwrap very well.