Set Scene and set .blend file

Greetings everyone

I’ve ran into something that I didn’t think I would, but currently I need this ability. I’d like to know if there is a way to switch between .blend files in-game, as you can set scenes with the “set scene” actuator?:spin:

I don’t want to use the “Game” “Start new Game” actuator just to switch back to my main menu.

My upgrade menu is in a separate .blend file than my Mainmenu system, for performance reasons I’v done it this way, as the upgrade menu will be loading the player’s full ship plus unlocked upgrades when ever the player is on that menu, so polygon count will go up rapidly. (Something I would like to avoid with the Mainmenu system.)

Is there a way to switch between .blend files, without the need to start a new game just to switch back?


You can use the game actuator. There is a mode to load another blend.

You can also link scenes from other files and set or add this scene while running the game.

Ah hah, thank you monster, I really appreciate the help, I wanted to use the set scene and try to link to other .blend files, but I wasn’t sure if this could be done in this manner. I assume that if I want to link with another .blend file, I’ll need to do the same as with the game actuator, specify the path to the blend file as well as its name?

Thank you


you link the scene by <shift+F1>. Select link and relative paths. Now navigate to the blend with the scene to be linked.
Select the scene and confirm.

Now you have a new scene in your scenes list. You can use this scene as each other scene with one difference: You can’t change it. If you want to change it you need to do that in the file it resides in.

The linked scene is available in the scene actuator as each other scene too.

Keep in mind if you link anything you need to preserve the file organization. If the blend you link from is in a subfolder it must be exactly there when you distribute the files to someone else. Otherwise the file can’t be found and the linked entity (scene) will not be there.


Thanks for the correction, monster. The help is greatly appreciated. ^^