Set scene - game interrupted

I have a scene with the Main menu, but when i click on the botton that should set a new scene, of the game, that appears for a second and then the game quits

Blender 2.49b.
I’m using logic bricks

This is the blend

You’ll have to either provide more information or post a .blend file for people to look at, otherwise you’ll find that no one can help.

Aside from posting the file that’s playing up, some information you should try to include:

-What version of Blender you’re using.
-Are you using logic bricks or python for your menu system?
-Does the python console window say anything that might be relevant?

Anyway, if you can edit your post to include these things, you’ll stand a much better chance of finding an answer. Good luck and I hope you can fix the issue :).

i’ve done it

Okay, took me a while (and when I saw it I kicked myself) but I figured it out. Your “Start Game” button has a left mouse click sensor, which when triggered sets the Level1 scene. Your “Quit Game” button also has a mouse click sensor, which quits the game when it is triggered.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. You click (using the left mouse) on the start game button.
  2. This triggers the left mouse button sensor on the start game button. But it also triggers the left mouse button sensor on the “Quit Game” button.
  3. The logic bricks attached to the “Start Game” button tell the game engine to set the new scene (Level1).
  4. At the same time, the logic bricks attached to the “Quit Game” button tell the game engine to quit the game.
  5. You get the strange, split-second load effect which causes you (and me) to go “Huh?”.

This is really easy to fix. Connect the mouse-over sensors already present on each of your buttons to the controllers for the “set scene” and “quit game” actuators.

This means that the “set scene” actuator will only be activated when you click left-mouse and your mouse is hovering over the “Start Game” button. Likewise, the “Quit Game” button will behave itself.

This method works because the controllers used in each button are AND controllers, which only activate their actuators if all of the sensors connected to them are triggered.

By the way, that’s a nice looking game you’ve got under development there. I might go play it some more now I’ve fixed the menu on my copy. Don’t worry though, I’ll delete it when I’m done and await the official release :).



Ok, I’m continuing the work :smiley:

Have fun :smiley: