Set scene issue.

Ive looked it up and cant seem to find much on it, but basically i have a set scene logic brick so that when you click the start button, it sets it to a loading scene, and then setes it to the actual game. If i just go to the game scene it works, but when i play the game from the main menu, the actual game scene wont load. it just shows a gray screen. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know :smiley: If it is a bug, then ill do more research and report it.


Self bump, really need help with this :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t checked the blend, but is the camera existing, set to be the default camera for the scene, and facing the correct direction in the game scene?

yup, just double checked and everything seems to be fine :confused:

Your file has 60 MB. Why is it so big ? Your file should be under 10 MB

I’m not sure is the loading screen really necessary? can’t you just skip straight to the game?, If you really did need a loading screen i suggest adding plane infront of the camera for a certain amount of time before starting a game.

I see nothing wrong with using load screen scenes. Ignoring a problem is not a real solution.
I have taken a look on the .blend and I am unable to find the cause for the problem. I will keep looking though.

I’m not sure, it’s not compressed for one, and all the textures are packed in the blend, that might affect it

I tried it without a loading screen scene, same thing.

Thanks! I’m still looking so ill let you know if I find the solution!