Set Scene Problem....please help

I have a couple of buttons in a menu that take you to different scenes. So you click, say scene 1 and the game takes you there. Then I have a prompt that asks the user to return to themain menu. The button has actuator ‘set scene’ … MainMenu but when it returns, and proceeds to another scene, the last scene I saw still appears? Why is this happening? I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug.

Isnt there a setting for end scene? Maybe when you load the second scene, it keeps both scenes.


I’m not sure I know what you mean… how do you know which one is the end scene? Sorry fro being so noobish…:o

well, when you “add” the new scene, link the Logic Brick to a “Scene Actuator - Remove Scene” too, with the name of the scene you want to make disappear in the “SCE:” field.

Thanks I tried that… but when I put (on the main menu) Always … remove scene…on the GUI, when I get to the main menu the GUI is flashing like it’s removed and then back again? What’s up with that?

Then what if I end at a certain scene, when I go to main menu do I have to remove all the scenes? Is there another way of doing that?

Post a blend, maybe?

Here’s the blend:

Thanks for helping;).

Pryor… I have the EXACT same problem! Question for you… did you by any chance make your “game” in 2.46 first and then add to it in version 2.47? That’s what I did and I find that my menu system works perfectly in 2.46 still but fails in 2.47.

Any insights from anyone would be great!

Thanks… Anim

^ Well actually my menu had that problem already with 2.46… so I got 2.47 thinking maybe it’ll fix it…but it didn’t.

your file is quite confusing to me, I don’t understand what you try to achieve…
anyway most textures don’t appear…you should replace the “GIF’s” by “JPG” or “PNG” files?!
And remember to use the standard sizes ( power of two):
64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 256x128 and the like