set seed for generated textures in nodes?(cycles)

is there a way to set the seed for the different generated textures, like cloud, or voroni?

I’ve written a script that generates random shapes. the name on the objects is the seed that was used to generate it. this allows anyone with the same seed to generate the same shape. each different shape would have different textures, but the textures would be the same for two objects with the same seeds.

being able to set the random seed for any given texture would also allow me to mirror the texture along the x axis. currently, if I mirror the “magic” texture using two different “magic” nodes, it works just fine because the magic texture repeats. if I try to do the same with voroni, the two different nodes end up with different seeds and therefore will not be mirrored correctly.

Just move the origin of your coordinate system. Each position will produce different results, so if you add any big random vector to the coordinates you’re using, the resulting texture will be different (also valid for UVMaps).

For example, you can use the ‘object_info:random’ to multiply(MixRGB) it with some big vector(combineXYZ), and use it as the vector for your procedurals.

Ehm, two equal voronoi sharing the same vector input yields different result due some hidden seed? I never noticed but never checked. Note that musgrave “seed” vector should be far away from origo.


oops. it turns out that the texture is the same everytime. I was just using incorrect nodes.