set smooth/edge split works on some edges and not others

Hi all,

I’m trying to model a simple wooden box with rounded/radiused edges and I’ve run into a problem that I don’t know how to get round.

I’ve modelled the radiusing using spins and extrudes and everything looks OK in wireframe view, but when I set smooth and use an edge split modifier, one of the edges looks as I expect it, but the other is not smoothed - see screenshot.

I guess it’s down to something I’ve done during modelling but I don’t know what. I’ve attached the .blend file as well. I’m working in 2.49b.



rackbox.blend (158 KB)

If you remove the edge split modifier from your model and recalculate the faces it will be smooth. Edge split separates the faces to act on their own, therefore they have no relationship to one another in order to interpolate smoothness with this model in that area.

As a note, I have never come across another piece of software that has to spit edges to get things to look right, or work well. At times it is necessary for Blender to do this, but I’m lost as to the internal reasoning. But like I said above, I removed the modifier and recalculated the faces and everything turned out nice and smooth.

Aha! Much better. Thank you very much!