Set Smooth for Crystal Space?

Erm, I’m sure you can do it, I’m just not sure how - How do you set a mesh to smooth?

also, my character’s UV mapping is garbled up and parts of the mesh is invisible.

Wat’s goin on?


lol “post a blend”, your going to need to hopscotch pack and forth between crystal’s page and here to get some of these answers.

thanks jessegp, but I don’t think that the problem has anything to do with blender settings because the texture works fine for the BGE.

however CS doesn’t like it one bit and I just have everything set to default so… it’s more like a question of

“which button do I press”

And those CS tutorails are not for crystalblend and they mostly deal with CS on its own - I haven’t found them very helpful from what I’ve seen. The interface still makes no sense right now. I was hoping someone else had tried this and figured out set smooth by now =(

I think what jess is trying to validly point out is this is the Blender Game engine forums. As such not only is this totally off topic, but there isn’t much chance of people here with an abundance of experience with Crystal and its related plugins. I think you want or another page like it :wink: