Set Smooth Hot key

Is there a hot key for set smooth? Thanks.


I don’t think there is, but you are right, that might be a sensible addition.

Shift-OKEY toggles subsurf mode for an object and Ctrl-ONEKEY to Ctrl-FOURKEY will set the subsurf division with the keyboard. From the blender-2.27.NewPy1-windows release txt.

I seriously doubt that’s what he meant.

yeah, using subsurfs is not a good way to make a mesh totally smooth. You would have to go to a very high level to get a really smooth mesh and that would slow down a lot.

torQ: i don’t think that there is… but it would be handy, as i think that it is used quite a lot…


intrr, you’re right I was talking about the Set Smooth button right next to the Set Solid button in the Edit Buttons window.

QWERT, while what you posted isn’t what I am looking for its still something I didn’t know and will definetly come in handy! Thanks.

Thanks everyone for the replies, I am going to request a set smooth hot key or Specials Menu item as a feature. I think that most people use Set Smooth waaayy more often then they use the Smooth command thats in the Specials Menu now!


I know this is an old thread; I was just thinking how I would like ‘set smooth’ to be hot keyed.

Is there any way to ‘set smooth’ short of going to the edit buttons? I’m going to post a feature request to the wiki, I just want to be sure the feature does not already exist.