Set smooth lines of death!!!

(blender_man) #1

I’m having problems with the set smooth option.

I’ve been modeling heads in blender by creating vertexs and then filling faces but when i uses catmull clark subdived function and the set smooth function i get weird black lines across my models- i’m preety sure its to do with the way i’m adding the faces :x

Anyway any help would really be appreciated as its happened to a few of my models

Thanx :smiley:

(slikdigit) #2

go into edit mode, select all the points and do ctrl-n. normals facing out. your problem is not all normals are facing the same direction.

(Goofster) #3

I think he means something else. Try to use the Autosmotth option in the editbuttons

(blender_man) #4

i tried ctrl-n but the lines just moved slighty

(S68) #5

CTRL+N must be done in EditMode with all vertex selected,

Then it is not guaranteed to work if mesh is multifolded (i.e. faces overlaps or there are more than TWO faces joining at a single edge)

In any case I believe it is a normal problem. Try to select a single face next/on a dark line and press ‘flip-normals’ then Exit Editmode. What happens?


(BgDM) #6

these lines show up on the model when you use sub-surf, while viewing on the screen. If you render, they will not be there.

When you convert your sub-surf to a mesh, (ALT-C), they will disappear. You will need to use the “Set Smooth” again after you convert to a mesh as well.

Don’t know why that is.


(harkyman) #7

What they said…

Also, when you build a cage for using subsurfs, try to only use quads. Triangles can give you strange facets at render time. I’ve heard that the subsurf algorithm does not like triangles.

(blender_man) #8

Thanx to all your help i’ve fixedd the problem. I used flip normals but i went into face select mode first to see all the faces the were flipped the wrong way.

(Lombriz) #9

I had that problem myself. I pushed ‘double sides’ for the sake of trying it and it worked. If someone could explain the functionality of this button and when it is appropiate to use I’d be very grateful. :slight_smile:

(S68) #10

I think someone told me that ‘Double sides’ makes a face rendered… from both sides!

Otherwise only the face seen from the half space (with respect to the plane containing the face) containing the normal is drawn.

This in the game engine. For normal rendering I think it is useless…