Set smooth problem. (also 2 other questions)

Hello, I’d like 3 questions answered if that’s not to much of a problem :slight_smile:
1: How do i split a line? Senaryo: I have a long line with 2 vertices’s at each end, i want to put a Vernice in the middle of those 2 and have it control the line also. (Not subdivide it doesn’t do what i want)
2: Color each block? Senaryo: I have a model (human) set as 1 object and i want to add color to it but not all as 1 color, What do i use?
3: I’m haveing trouble with set smooth. Here is a picture as an example.
Without smooth:

With smooth:

What are those black lines appearing for? I don’t want them there.

P.S I’m still learning the program this is only my 3rd model.

  1. you have an Edge defined by two Verts (it’s a Mesh Object). The only way to get a third Vert in there is to Subdivide it. If it were a Curve Object (with Segments defined by CV’s [Control Vertices] or Knots or Points) you could add a Hook (Ctrl-H) which could control the central CV.
  3. In Edit mode select all verts and Ctrl-N.


Thank you, once again you’ve been a great help :).

Untill next time :smiley: