'Set Solid' for bevelled curve?


I’m looking for a way, to get the same result as pressing “Set Solid” in Blenders Editing Buttons (F9) for a bevelled curve (a 3D-curve with another cuve assigned to as BevObj).

Is there a way to do that from within a python script?

Things like Mesh.Modes[‘AUTOSMOOTH’] or face.smooth = 0 all are just for meshs, but curves don’t have that properties. Is this a gap in Blenders Python API or am I missing something and bevelled curves can be set to solid?
(making a mesh out of the bevelled curve and setting this mesh to solid is not an option)

Would be glad for a hint or solution for that problem.

Regards Paddy

hi pgr1973,
afaik, there is not such option in PyAPI yet.
Post a request for it to API-maintainer ideasman42.

Added :wink:

for curNurb in Blender.Curve.Get('SomeCurve'): 
    curNurb.smooth = True

curNurb.smooth = False (I want them not smoothed but solid/edgy gg)

Unfortunately Blender 2.45 says:

AttributeError: ‘CurNurb’ object has no attribute ‘smooth’

So I’ll probably have to wait until it’s supported in a future Version of Blender?

Regards Paddy

If you want the latest features you need to use a recent build :wink:

Some keen people backport features to 2.45 though

Ah, I see. So it will work with the next Blender version? Great!
I want my script to run with the current Blender Version, so I commented that out (so I just can remove them two ‘#’ for the next Blender version gg). It’s line 1222 and 1223 in the current version of my ‘PGR-Meandering-Paths’, and it’ll sit there “outcommented” until Blender 2.46 is released.

Thanks for the info.



You can even check the blender version - if Blender.Get(‘version’) > 245 …