set the same size of many objects

Hello I’ve a couple of objects of the same type e.g. cubes.
I want to quickly set the size of them to the same value.
Is there a way?

Select the object, than hit hot key N. The object dimension can be keyed in right there. Or may be its quicker to just duplicate a new one; select the object than Shift + D.

I’m talking about a quick way of setting the same size when I have a lot of objects. Dealing with them with N is not convenient.

One way of doing it.

  • First make sure all your objects have their scale values reset to 1. Select them all and use Ctrl+A / Apply Scale and Rotation to Obdata
  • Copy the mesh data of the object you want to the other objects. Select all your objects making sure the last object selected (the active object) is the object you want to copy. Then press Ctrl+L / 3 (Make Links Mesh Data)
  • Make each object a single user. Select all objects and in object mode press U / 2 (Make single user Object & ObData)


Thank you Richard.
I was playing with Ctrl + L, but forgot that without Apply Scale some operations are not possible.
Though even with yours specific hints it did not worked at the begining. Then I realized that it might be due to fact that these items are parented to some object. Now it works perfectly.