setCamera() in Blender 2.55

I’m writing script for controlling helicopter, it’s almost finished but i can’t get one thing right:
changing active camera through script. Methods like setCamera(), getCamera etc. are deprecated and don’t work in 2.55. When i use"MI28-CAM2")

, (MI28-CAM2 being the name of the camera) i get:
“TypeError: ‘KX_Camera’ object is not callable”.
Is this new method not functioning in beta or I’m doing something wrong?
Is it possible to use old methods in 2.55?

i’m not sure if the camera attribute can deal with strings, but try this: = "MI28-CAM2"

if this does not work find the object reference first:

cameraToSwitchTo = act_scene.objects["MI8-CAM2"] = cameraToSwitchTo

I hope it helps