Seting new default axis orintation

I have a problem where the axis for my object is no longer ligned the way i want it. I had done a few ALT R’s to clear rotations and make new ones, which ive done inside and outside of edit mode

Now my x and y axis point in a direction which is not perpindicular to my object, which interferes with an animation I am trying to make

Any help would be greatly apreciated.


I see this has been added in 2.34 in the Object menu under Scripts.


the object who gives the axis orientation doesn’t need to be a mesh object.
any object works and no matter of the size of the object.
in general, i use an empty i rotate in the approriate direction.

i’ll manage in a future version to take care of child object.

I found the Feature “Axis Orintation Copy” you provided the link to however this did not work. I tryed selecting an object with proper axis alignment and then selecing my problem object, and vise verso but neither worked.

Here is a screen shot i composed

Where my goal is to reset the axis for the first mesh so that it corosponds to the second mesh.

I do not like useing emptys, i wish to rotate an object useing its own axis not another,.

It looks like the axes of both meshes are aligned to me. Did you want the axis of the first mesh to be in the same relative position to the mesh as the second axis is to its mesh?

What you have to do is get your mesh in a perpendicular position - maybe the bind pose. Then you use the empty to determine which way you want your axes to point. The script then adjusts the object’s axis to match.

As for not liking empties, you don’t use empties to rotate the objects. The empty is used once to realign the local axis. I would like it if there was something built into Blender to allow setting the local axes of objects without the use of empties - it would just need 3 rotations.

Corect, I want the Axis of both to be in same relative position, so as y points to a side, not a corner.

Since it did not work with two mesh objects, I try as you say useing an empty, but I am still not able to achieve what i want. Instead of y and x pointing towards a corner i want to point to a flat side.


Thanks so much CTRL A works. Im gona write this down in an important spot so i will never ever forget.

Thanks so much.

You’re welcome! My job.