Seting up a armature

I guess this should be in this section.
Alright, what I’m trying to do is add a armature to this Lego guy I have, but the guy is made up of about 9 different objects, so should I join them all or can I animate it the way it is?
Here is a link to a site with some pictures of my Lego model.

It may be easier to join them, then you only have to add an armature modifier to one object, but you can rig him as is, you just have to add the armature modifier to each separate object.

It is probably better practice to join the objects though, that way you have one armature to one object and it will make it easier to differentiate between other objects, but this is by no means a requirement.

Depends on the style of animation you’re after.

If you’re going to retain his “blockyness” (robot like movement), you could leave the pieces separate, then just use ctr-p parent-to-bone for each piece.

If you want the mesh to deform more smoothly/organically, then joining it together will probably work better.

For the second option you might want to check the new “bone heat” method of armature-mesh binding that’s now in the SVN builds. You might not need to do any weight-painting / vertex weight adjusting at all.


In my opinion, I’d say you should leave the pieces seperate. For Legos, they don’t have flexibility cause the pieces are plastic. But what I’m getting at is if the pieces are seperate you won’t have to assign vertex groups and it’ll give the pieces a rigid look.