setLayer in 2.5


i want to change the active layers in realtime. how can i do that?
the problem is, that i always forget to change back to layer one after changing sometthing in another layer.

So i want to write a script, that changes in all scenes the active layer to 1 or the layer of desire.

in the 2.48 API i have found a setLayer() function; in 2.56 there is none or it has a different name…

any ideas to do that?

Unless you’re trying to do this during runtime, then this should be moved to “Basics & Interface” category.

Yes, i want to use that in realtime, at startup of the game engine.

No, you can’t change the active layer of the scene in-game (to my knowledge). I asked this question years ago, but the answer was ‘No,’ from OTO… Hey, that rhymed. I think it’s fine, that no matter the question, I rhyme all the time (for this post). LOL

EDIT: … But seriously, there’s no way to change the active layer of the scene in-game. It would be a nice feature, but I’m guessing this isn’t possible because of needing to recalculate lighting / scene information that it does only when the scene changes. It would be nice to implement, even if we had to restart the scene to get it to work.